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A.t.b 2007, your house. You were peacefully reading a novel in the living room until all of a sudden an earthquake shook their house. You jolted up and nervously looked around for your dad. Then you noticed the home was up in flames.

(Y/n) (Age 7): DAD! Where are you?

Dad: (Y/n)! (You see him running down the stairs with your red and blue backpack) We have to leave!

(Y/n) (Age 7): Daddy..I’m scared!I’m scared!

Dad: (Ruffles your light chestnut brown hair) We’ll make it through this together. (kneels down to your level and hugs you).

(Y/n) (Age 7): (Crying) If only mom was here, she’d protect us with her giant robots she told so many stories about.

Dad: We don’t have time to reminisce on these things now.

After packing up the vital phones and monetary belongs, your father grabbed your wrist to run out the door, when a large piece of burning furniture fell down trapping you in the living room which was already surrounded with engulfed flames, all the doors to the bedrooms were already in flames. There was no way out.

Dad:  (Desperately trying to push the burning furniture away) (Y/n)! Hang on! I’m coming!

He stopped pushing the burning furniture away when he saw a matt black with gold plated edges Britannian Knightmare frame looking at you. His body shaking from the fear as the mechanical hand reached down to grab him.

Dad: (Y/n)! RUN!

(Y/n): Daddy I can’t! It’ won’t budge (legs wobbly and shaking)

As you braced yourself at the Knightmare’s grasp, you felt a warm comforting aura, it was gentle like a mother holding her baby child.

Nightmare ???: Take him and leave! NOW!

After hearing what she said, you dad took your hand and fled the scene. You sprint down the street with your father while avoiding the energy blasts, you both knew if you had to stay alive, you had to keep running. Eventually they both stopped near the Shibuya crossing. That’s when an explosive energy beam hit them by surprise. (Y/n) and dad was caught near its blast radius. You managed to catch glimpse of a matt black Knightmare with gold chrome or at least who you thought was responsible for the attack.


You staggered for a while but snapped back to reality when Cornelia had her arm around your shoulder.

Cornelia: Meet Seraphim FXI-0200. (Y/n), you mother piloted this when she worked as my personal assistant and Knight.

(Y/n): Princess Cornelia, what I will say might sound rude but please don’t get angry at me.

Cornelia: Go on (Y/n).

(Y/n): When I was in that hell hole 7 years ago, that exact Knightmare was the one standing there when the dust cleared up.

Cornelia: I’ve been investigating it ever since Lauren’s disappearance, last time I saw her she was standing on trial. But she managed to escape.

(Y/n): My mother is a convict on the run?

Cornelia: Basically, yes.

(Y/n): I want to find out the truth but I’m scared what I’ll find.

Schneizel: I know Lauren would have wanted you to believe in her.

(Y/n): Big brother Schneizel, how would you know? When I was a young child you were always there with me and mom. It looks like you don’t only recognise her as a colleague but something more on a personal level.

Schneizel: I was her fiance, but along the way she fell in love with a pilot who was her enemy. I was the only one who knew of your existence and the gentleman who took you to a hospital to get your arm treated. (pointing to your cybernetics arm) It was also me who kept my little sister Cornelia from the dark.

(Y/n): Princess Cornelia, I want to find out the truth. So please lend me your strength.

Cornelia: Very well (Y/n), from now on you work under me and Schneizel. My own personal assistant. (Gives you the Knightmare Key to Seraphim)

(Y/n): (Gives a military salute) I’ll do what I must to protect you. Princess Cornelia and Villetta.

Cornelia: Don’t be silly (Y/n), this is a battlefield. No matter how skilled you are you still need instructing and coaching. Don’t worry I’ve already made arrangements--

Before Cornelia could finish, a figure of a teenager caught your attention. You looked over to the door where a teenage girl with light pink hair tied up in a ponytail with fringes stood at the door. She had a pale complexion and most attractive of all was her rouge red eyes. Her military uniform revealed half of her bare skin with a cloak.

???: Princess you called me?

Cornelia: Indeed I did, Anya.

Anya: Anything I can help you with, Princess Cornelia?

Cornelia: (Pushes you in front of her) Anya this is (Y/n) Ashley. (Y/n) this is Anya Alstreim, one of the Knights of Round. She will be your Knightmare piloting instructor and show you the ropes around as a new recruit.

(Y/n): Anya it’s nice to meet you, thanks for showing me the ropes. (Holding out your hand to wait for her to shake it)

The continues to stare at you stoically until she takes out her flip phone and started typing. Ignoring the fact that you were in front of her.

(Y/n): (In thought) Did she just ignore me?

Cornelia: (places a hand on your shoulder and you looked over your shoulder) Anya, she’s a nice but weird. She can’t trust her memories so she has to type up everything and everyone she met on that blog of hers.

(Y/n): Well, Anya let’s go! (grabbing her hand and pulling her out of Cornelia’s room.)

You ran towards the corridor leading to the Knightmare technician facility and stopped until you realised you were still holding Anya’s hand. You decided to release her hand.

Anya: Thank you, I was wondering when you would free my hand from prison.

(Y/n): (Blushing, eyes nervously pacing back and forth, finger trying to fix your tie) I didn’t mean it, Anya.

Anya: Your skills, let’s test them.

Knightmare launch facility, where all the knightmare stood in front of the walls. Seraphim was standing there with it’s back facing the wall, and a lever then pulled you up then pressed the button to open up the hatch and entered the cockpit. Part of you was happy, being the one who got pilot the robots that your mom told you stories of.

You sat down in the cockpit and pressed a button to close the hatch when you were alerted with a call on your screen, you tried to swipe it to enter.

Anya: Press the green button on the lever to answer calls from me. Press the levels in front of your hands for acceleration.

(Y/n): Anya, ya I got it.

Technician: Seraphim FXI-0200 secured and ready for launch. 3...2...1...LAUNCH!

You thrust the levers forward when Seraphim launched itself, not long after you were already in the sky.

(Y/n): (warms up with a barrel roll attack) It’s been awhile I touched a robot like this, it feels good to be up in the sky.

You felt like you belonged in the sky, no longer felt like a caged bird and truly happy for the first time. But stopped when Anya’s Mordred fired an energy beam at you. You barely managed to dodge it.

(Y/n): I thought we were going to play fair.

Anya: So childish, the word ‘Fair’ doesn’t exist in the battlefield. (Anya scoffs at you, and launches out of the runway into the sky). (Y/n) prepare to meet your fitting end.

Anya aims Mordred’s Hadron Cannons at you then a beam with a straight line light up towards you. You froze, when all of a sudden you unconsciously thrust the right lever then quickly sent the left lever with full throttle ‘flashed’ away from the energy beam, then 6 chrome red metal blade wings appeared on Seraphim’s back, you pulled the lever to make Seraphim grab the chrome red sword on it’s back and secured it with the sword hilt that was built in on its hip. You prepared to launch an attack called Anarchy. A white beam of light expelled from the sword.

Anya: Impossible...That was Baroness Lauren Ashley’s Lumen Maneuver (manages to dodge it)

You quickly countered attacked Mordred with your new sword when Anya activates Blaze Luminous, a green shield forming around her then shot several missiles into the sky each aiming at you. You managed to dodge most of the missiles when you were hit by a last incoming missile. You Knightmare Frame Seraphim was nimble and capable of enduring large of amounts of physical damage much like an angel. It could harness energy to trigger linear beams to explode.

(Y/n): (Staring at your hands, not believing your eyes) What did I just do? (breathing heavily)

Anya: (Appears on your screen) Who or what are you?

Cornelia: (Also appears on both your screens) (Y/n) is (Y/n) Ashley, son of Baroness Lauren Ashley.

Anya: That explains the piloting skills and surname.
Anya Alstreim X Male Reader - Code Geass Pt.3
Third part of this series enjoy. 

A.t.b 2007 Battleground at Shibuya, one of the areas where Britannia managed to conquer. The dark skies were filled with beam lights shot by Knightmares, citizens screaming and running around vehicle roads to take cover. You and your father were among them carrying a backpack of your belongings when all of a sudden you were caught up in a blast

(Y/n) DAD!

You felt your dad wrap his arms around you managing to shield you parts of you from a beam explosion. After a few minutes you woke up and found yourself on the floor with your dad’s corpse laid on top of you. You looked around to see your clothes ripped drenched with blood, but something else was missing. You seemed to be missing your right arm.

(Y/n) (Age 7): (In tears, then takes one of the small metal pole from a broken street light and throws it at the Knightmare standing in front of you) Just leave us alone!!! (still sniffing)

Britannian Soldier: You brat! how dare you treat Lady Lauren with such disrespect. (walks over to you)

“Lady Lauren”: Enough! He’s already severely wounded. He won’t fight back. We’re leaving.

You watch as the black Knightmare thrust it’s engines away from you toward its comrades in the sky.


Villetta: (Y/n), I want you to meet a friend of mine after class. She’s very anxious to meet you.

(Y/n): A friend? You meant Second Princess Cornelia.

Villetta: I’ll meet you at the main gate.

3:45 PM, Ashford Academy Main Gate. After school, you made your way to the front gates and as promised Villetta was there anxiously looking at her watch.

(Y/n): Villetta-san (You went up to her)

Villetta: (grabbed your hand and pulled you towards a black limousine with Britannian flags) Our rides here.

Villetta walked over to the black limousine with Britannian flags and opened the door and you followed her into the car and buckled your seat belt. The driver started up and now you were moving.

(Y/n): Don’t get into cars with strangers mom said (Sarcastically with some hand gesture)

Villetta: Technically I’m not a stranger I’m your teacher. (laughing) But you know what’s funny?

(Y/n): What?

Villetta: It was in this limosine how Cornelia, Lauren and I became best friends. We were young and foolish almost got attacked by drunk belligerent men, when Princess Cornelia’s bodyguard came and saved us.

(Y/n): Funny. Now that you mention it, mom never mentioned to anyone of you that she had me.

Villetta: I only knew when she grabbed me into her room and showed me a plushie.

(Y/n): A Plush toy?

Villetta: It had your name embroidered on it. To be exact it was a gift from your mother for your baby self. We found her box lying on the floor with amongst other things when we cleared out her room.

When you mother disappeared, the military cleared out her room and gave all her personal belongings to Princess Cornelia since she was her personal assistant and Knight.

(Y/n): In all honesty do you know what happened to her?

Villetta: I only wish I knew (Y/n)

Driver: Villetta we’re here. (hits the breaks)

The limousine arrives at the exact destination of the Britannian Armed Headquarters and parked his car at the front entrance as two valet men came out and opened the car door. Both Villetta and (Y/n) step out of the car.

Valet man: (Military Salute) Oh Ms. Villetta and who might this be?

Villetta: He’s Lauren Ashley’s son. (Y/n) Ashley.

Valet man: I see, Welcome to the armed forces headquarters

Villetta looked at her watch, then looked around. She had planned to take you to Princess Cornelia but you still had some time to muck around. Villetta was a big child on her own in the inside and played around with you until she stopped.

Villetta: We should keep moving (marching through the luxurious corridor to Princess Cornelia’s office.

Villetta: (Knocks on the door) Princess Cornelia may I come in?

Cornelia: Yes, Villetta please come in.

Villetta opens the door after hearing Cornelia’s response, then shoves you through the door pushing you forward to Princess Cornelia’s desk.

(Y/n): (You blush) Hi I’m (Y/n) Ashley.

Cornelia: You Lauren’s son? (Starts to tear up)

(Y/n): feeling good?

Cornelia: (Wipes her tears and takes out the German Shepherd plush toy and grabs your hand and places it on your palms) I think Lauren wanted you to have this, but for some reason she didn’t give it to you.

You turned the plushie over and realised there were words embroidered on the plush. “To my son (Y/n) Ashley” and “From Lauren Ashley”.

(Y/n): Thank you Princess Cornelia (hugging to plush)

???: Cornelia. Sister, would you happen to find my... (sees and stares at you shocked dropping all his files on the office carpet and floor)

You turned your head at the attention of scattered paper when you realised it was someone you knew back in Childhood.

(Y/n): Big Brother Schneizel! (You smiled)

Schneizel: My, you’ve grown. The last time I saw you, you were bedridden for months on a hospital bed. (Ruffling your hair)

Cornelia: Schneizel should we tell him about the Knightmare?

Upon Cornelia mentioning of a Knightmare frame arrangement, Villetta pressed a button revealing scientists and technicians working on a matt black with chrome red colouring Knightmare. The Knightmare that was involved with your father’s death 11 years ago.

(Y/n): No! It...It can’t be…. (shaking your head in disbelief, your hands clutching your head)
26 deviations
2018 a.t.b., 7:00 am Ashley Mansion (Y/n)’s Bedroom. The sun’s ray conveniently shine through the window glass onto yours eyes jogged you awake. You groggily rubbed your eyes and pulled yourself out of the bed.  

Aunt Cara: (Knocking on your bedroom door) Honey, you better hurry and come down stairs before Abigail comes and cleans the plates.

(Y/n): Coming!

You drag your sorry ass to your wardrobe where a brand new Ashford Academy uniform hung on it’s hangrail. You took off your PJs and shoved them into your laundry basket. You grabbed the shirt and pants then slided it on your torso and legs and stared into the mirror, making sure you looked neat on the first day of class at a new school.

Aunt Cara: (Y/n)!

(Y/n): I’m coming! I’m coming!

As you run down the stairs you looked around and sure enough, your cousin Abigail was already gobbling down some of the food on your plate. You rushed over to grab the chicken and cheese toast from her mouth and stuff it into yours. Every morning felt like a food war between you and your cousin, but that's what made the mansion lively while Uncle Lawrence returned to Britannia to visit his ill mother.

The maids picked up the dishes from your table, then Aunt Cara sat down on a chair adjacent to you.

Cara: It’s your first day of Ashford Academy (lightly grips your shoulder) remember if you start to get a little hot headed from those vulgar students just think if something else (Y/n). Remember you’re a child of Britannian noble.

(Y/n): I don’t care about manners anymore, whenever they badmouth Mom I become so angry...I think I even almost killed a classmate once, I sent him bedridden for a month.

Cara: Please just stop your fights. I don’t want to see you get injured. How am I going to explain to Lauren.

Lauren Ashley was your biological mother and she had disappeared ever since your were heavily wounded by Britannian Forces when you were just 7 years old.

(Y/n): Well, she ain’t here. Is she?

Cara: I wish I knew where she was, she picked you up from the hospital and left you at my door.

(Y/n): (Looks at his watch realising the time was 7:15) I gotta go Aunt Cara, see you after school. (Kisses Aunt Cara’s forehead)

Cara: (waving goodbye) Have fun in school (Y/n) and Abigail. (You close the door behind you)

Meanwhile, at Britannian Armed Forces Headquarters. Princess Cornelia grabbed Lauren’s file and a box amongst other things. She opened it and took out a loose leaf labelled Statement of ‘Lauren Ashley’. It was an official written report written by Lauren stipulating the events of a certain event which unbeknown to her caused the death of her lover and leaving her child severely wounded. Cornelia read the statement and descriptions as she tried not to cringe over what was written on it.

Cornelia: Guildford, Did we kill these people back then? Are we no better than Zero?

Guildford: We were sent there by your father Charles. However I believe the someone else caused the destruction and framed us for massacre of Elevens.

Cornelia: I can’t believe it’s been 11 years since that incident. Lauren was my Knight and I didn’t look after her properly like I should have.

Cornelia placed the files on her desk, then her free hands moved over to a pastel blue gift box. She hesitated but finally decided to open it. When she opened it, there was a German Shepherd lying plush toy with the name ‘(Y/n) Ashley’ embroidered on the leg.  It took her some time to figure out if was gift box for a baby boy. But who?

Cornelia: Guildford, get me Villetta here now!

Guildford: Princess Cornelia (bows) I will make it happen. (walks out her office and a while later walks in with Viletta)

Villetta: Princess Cornelia can I help you?

Cornelia: (Places the plush toy on her desk and faces the side with the embroidery to Villetta) What can you make of this?

Villetta: It’s one of Lauren’s belongings with the name (Y/n) Ashley?

Cornelia: Look closer, Viletta!

Viletta: (Shoves her head towards the plushie and views another set of embroidery writing in cursive ‘For my Son (Y/n) Ashley’ then ‘From Lauren Ashley’

Cornelia: This plush toy was supposed to be a gift to her baby son, somehow she never able give it to her child.

Villetta: She must have her reasons, she’s not the type to just run away and abandon her son.

Cornelia: Villetta, I’m having you go undercover. I’ve made arrangements for you to teach physical education at Ashford Academy today. You better get dressed!

Villetta: You WHAT?! (Runs out and starts to change rushing to Ashford Academy.

Cornelia: If I counted his age correctly he might start in Ashford Academy today.

Guildford: What are you trying to do, Princess Cornelia.

7:45 am, Ashford Academy front gates. Just as you proudly walk through the front gates you bumped into two Britannian students causing you to fall on your butt.

(Y/n): Ouch! (trying to sooth your but to ease the pain)

???: Hey! you blind?

(Y/n): Uh...No last time I checked… (holding up several fingers trying to test yourself if you were blind. You weren’t)

???: Wait a minute! You’re that half breed Britannian noble joining the school today. Everyone’s been talking about you recently.

(Y/n): What about?

???: Apologise to us…(kicked you in the abdomen)

(Y/n): (you started gagging on the floor) No, you’re the one who bumped into me.

???: I bet you that your mother had to get herself so plastered up to have her way with an Eleven. I guess you really are a bastard. (Laughs maniacally)

Before the two students even raised a fist, a red haired female beauty walked in between you and the male student, separating you from fighting each other. You knew you could take him or even send him to his funeral, but you promised your aunt not to pick fights anymore.

???: Kallen, sweetheart this has nothing to do with you so please step away...

Kallen: (disgusted at the student who called her sweetheart) I’m not your sweetheart and second I’m part of the Student Council. You think I’d let you walk away?

???: (Y/n) you won’t be so lucky next time… (Runs off with a tail behind his legs)

Kallen: Are you hurt? (Reaches out her hand to help him stand up)

(Y/n): (Slaps her hand away) I don’t need your pity…

Truth be told, you were kicked out of 6 schools before starting Ashford Academy for starting fights since most of your nickname was every derogatory term in the urban dictionary. Your Aunt almost gave up on you. You had hoped that Ashford Academy was different, that you were wrong. You didn’t care, when you were young your mom had taught you advanced Knightmare piloting skills and basic physics. You weren’t so keen on attending school, and wanted the men who caused your father’s death to pay.

8:30 AM, Ashford Academy Gymnasium. As you creeked open the door to the Gymnasium you caught the attention a female gym teacher with turquoise blue hair and a long pony tail with amber eyes.

Villetta: First day of school and you’re already late. I’m Miss Villetta, your Gym class teacher.

(Y/n): I’m sorry  Miss Viletta I was beat up by the students of this school just for being a half Britannian. Don’t you think we need more security on school property?

Villetta: Half Britannian?

(Y/n): Yes, My biological mom was a Britannian noble by the name of Ashley and my biological father was Japanese. Oh where are my manners I’m (Y/n) Ashley.

That introduction from you alone caused her to remain shocked over what you just said. You were the son of her best friend. She suddenly snapped back to reality by tears being forming on her eyes.

Villetta: I can’t believe how Cornelia will react to this?

(Y/n): When you said Cornelia, you meant Princess Cornelia. Second princess of Britannia?

Villetta: Lauren, you mother was trusted Royal Knight of hers and also her best friend. She drives a Knightmare beside Princess Cornelia.

(Y/n): A….K..Knightmare? (You started to stumble at your speech then started to have flashback at the day your father died, you were only 7 years old)
Anya Alstreim X Male Reader - Code Geass
Hey Guys, remember my last work on Code Geass: Reaper's Pilot. Well I decided to make it on a male insert reader series. 
2 deviations


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~Kill La Kill~ Photo Memories by Kiryuuin Satsuki by Summonssniper

Name: Kiryuurin Raidou (Part of the Kyruuin House)
Occupation: Student
Age: 16
School: Honnoji Gakuen
Family: Satsuki Kyruuin (Older sister), Matoi Ryouko (younger twin sister), Ragyou Kyruuin (Biological Mother), Souichirou Kyruuin (Biological Father).

Species: Semi-Life Fiber inherited from ragyou's genes. He doesnt know.

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Clark Kent, cradling Kara's new born infant (awake) Kon-El in his arms, staring at his blond hair and his baby blue eyes. Krypto sitting there eager to meet a new member of the House of El.

  1. CAPTION:  Metropolis. Kara's Apartment.

  2. CLARK:  Kara...he’s a beautiful boy isn’t he?

  3. CAPTION: Kal-El. Clark Kent. Better known as Superman. Reporter at the Daily Planet.


Pull in a bit and we see Baby Kon-El desperately reaching to touch Clark's face.

     4. KON-EL: Goo.

     5. CLARK: Did you give him a name, Kara?

     6. KARA: I named him Kon...Kon-EL.

     7. CAPTION: Kon-El. Son of Kara Zor-El. Kryptonian-human hybrid born on Earth.


Clark, prying open Kon-El’s tiny hands.



Clark's expression slightly pained. His index finger being tightly gripped by Kon-El's tiny fist

     8.CLARK:  Ouch! You’re a strong one Kon--


Point of character shot as Clark uses his x ray vision to look for fracture damages on his finger.

     9. CAPTION: That hurt--but at least none of my bones were damaged. That little guy was something. He’ll grow up to be very strong indeed.


Clark returns Baby Kon into the arms of his mother, Kara gently as not to wake the baby up.

    10. CAPTION: Kara Zor-El. Supergirl. She’s not exactly the best when it comes to people’s privacy.




Clark digs out the present for baby Kon in his bag but looks rather frustrated.

      1. KARA:  What is it Kal? What’s wrong? Did you lose something?

      2. CLARK: No Kara it’s just that I have a present for Kon but I can’t find it…


Pull out further and we see Lois appearing behind Kal-El showing him what looks like a folded version House of El’s family crest.

         3. LOIS: You aren’t looking at this are you Clark? I told you a hundred times to pack it into the bag before we left today. Were you even listening to me?

         4. CLARK: Oh! thanks Lois you're a life saver.

         5. LOIS: I knew you would forget to pack it so I packed it in mine.

         6. CAPTION: Lois Lane, Fellow journalist with Clark Kent at the Daily Planet and currently the love interest of Superman.



A bit closer of the folded family crest, we can see Kal proudly handing the family crest over to Kara. Krypto in the background frolicking with joy.

         7. CLARK: Alright Krypto calm down boy!--Kara this is for Kon.


Pan in front of Kara. We see Kara surprised but a bit upset when Kon-El is handed the family crest. With her thinking of a flashback to her receiving the crest from her own father, and being knocked out by him right after.

         8. CAPTION (Kara): Thats the house crest. But he’s far too young to inherit any of this.

         9. KARA: Kal, Wait! Don’t you think Kon-El’s a bit too young to be bearing the House Crest? He’s just a baby.

       10. CLARK: I know it’s hard but please let me explain. It’s his fate, Kara. You have to accept it.


Close in onto Kara and Kon, we see Kara closing her eyes and leans her cheek against his forehead.

        11. KARA: Fate has nothing to do with this, It’s my care for him.

        12. CAPTION (Kara): I can't return home to Krypton. I was alway scared and alone. But its different now. I have you, Kon.



Pull back a bit more, we see Kara moving away from Kon's face, just enough to see Lois staring sweetly at Kon-El.


Close in on Kon-El fast asleep in Kara's arms.

              1. LOIS(off panel): Kara look, he's fast asleep!

              2. KARA:  He's probably tired…I'll put him to bed.

              3. LOIS(off panel): Alright Kara, we should leave then. We'll leave you to take care of Kon-El. Go sleep, it’s been a long day.


Kal and Lois leaving Kara's house as she locks the door behind them.

             4. SFX: Clack!


A loud knock on the door with Kara walking towards the door.

             5. SFX: Bang! Bang! Bang!


Kara opens the door and to her surprise is her husband Sean returned home despite being recently shipped to a battlefield, jumping into his arms as she’s about to kiss him.

             6. KARA: Sean! You’re home!        

             7. SEAN: How’s the little one, Kara?

             8. KARA: He’s fine, he fell asleep a moment ago.


Close in on Sean and Kara sharing a passionate kiss

             9. SEAN: Kara, I uh--



Night falls on Kara’s household, very dark with only the slightest street light shining onto the gap of the curtains.

             1. SFX: Tick-Tock-Tick-Tock-Tick-Tock--

             2. CAPTION: Later that night...


Closing in on Kara and Sean’s Room.

             3. KON-EL(off panel): WAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!



Further closing in and we see Kara woken abruptly from Kon-El’s wails.

             4. KON-EL(off panel): WAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!

             5.CAPTION (Kara): What’s happening with Kon…..?


Angle on Kara walking to Kon-El’s room.

            6. KON-EL(off panel): WAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!


Point of character on Kon-El seeing Kara in x-ray vision while she picks him up from his cot.


            8. CAPTION (Kara): When I saw his eyes.I knew what was going on. The effects of the yellow sun. The same powers of a World Killer.

            9.KARA: Kon’s developed such strong powers at such a young age, he’s only been exposed to the yellow sun’s radiation for a few hours...and yet he’s already developed powers.

           10. KARA: He’s getting really irritated...I should take him to see Kal tomorrow.

Thank you for reading my comic script, if you have any critiques over this script please show your support by commenting and look forward to the next short issue. 


Red Whiskered Bulbul - Bird Species
Red Whiskered Bulbul-Birds of Hong Kong by Summonssniper
Please help comission this lovely bird from Hong Kong
Kill La Kill ~ OC Kiryuuin Raidou
Kiryuuin Raidou X Nonon Jakuzure ~Kill la Kill ~ by Summonssniper

Second Version Coming (Please Do not buy until I have released the comission ammendment) I will ammendment. If you wish for me to upload this on deviantart as a normal artwork, you may message me on my profile page

Claymore Xmas-Miria and Hilda by Summonssniper Rin Okumura ~AO NO EXORCIST~ by Summonssniper Fairy Tail Xmas Card ~ Erza and Lyte~ by Summonssniper TetsuyaKuroko 11 and 2 by Summonssniper Gargantia ~Ledo~ by Summonssniper Jill and the BSAA Badge by Summonssniper Kiba by Summonssniper 
Free Requests-I've placed some of them into commissions
Request 2.1: Finalised Erudi Drawing by Summonssniper
Request 1: May glomping on a beachball by Summonssniper
Request 1: May Glomping a Beach Ball by Summonssniper
Here was some of my requested drawings. You could buy them here if you'd like when you like them very much. Your drawings are still free. These are just if you wanna buy some extra. 
KurokoXMonoi GLOMP!!!!!! by Summonssniper
Nai Wallpaper by Summonssniper
Gargantia ~Ledo~ by Summonssniper
Grimmichi ~Bleach Fan Art Yaoi~ by Summonssniper
Ace no Diamond ~Sawamura~ Wallpaper by Summonssniper
NaruSasu~Fan Art Chibi Forms by Summonssniper
A BUNCH of Great Art goes well together. Please help commission XD

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