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“You see. Mother” (Y/n) turns to Harley and smirks. He holds out his Katana which was dripping with blood of GCPD Pilots he killed. He face stained with blood spots.   “...the guns...the bombs and the threats dad creates, makes nowhere near as much bloodshed as my sword can” (Y/n) said laughing. “I am the one true king of crime! We don’t need two”

(Katana, Batgirl and Batman got a front row seat for this)
“Oh! Baby Puddin’ you’re even better than Mista J!” Harley flew into (Y/n)’s arms passionately rubbing her cheeks against his then pulls him into a deep kiss then they separate. “...but what am I gonna tell Mista J, sorry I’m leaving?”

“Don’t worry mother.” (Y/n) pulls Harley close to his chest and wraps his hand around her hips. “Because you have me.” (Y/n) carries her and swings her around.

“What kind of relationship do they have?” Batgirl asked while turning to Katana who was already grasping her sword so tightly that Batman and Batgirl could hear her knuckles crack. Woah! Easy there Katana.” Batgirl signalling her to calm down with her hands.

“That’s my thing” Katana defended shaking her head, denying if (Y/n) was still there at all or if he’s just an empty shell. “He would never call Joker...Dad”

“(Y/n) I’ll save you from Joker and Harley and have her head on a stick” Katana hissed pulling her sword out jumping towards city hall.

*Thump* Batgirl and Batman tackled Katana with a synchronized flip punch, pinning her on the concrete floor. Batman stashes his batnoculars, viewing the storm brewing in Gotham City right underneath his nose. He could definitely hear the joker clown conversation loud and clear.

Batman observes a few joker clowns chatting amongst themselves.

“It looks like Harley has hots for (Y/n)” One of the clowns asked in order to spread a discussion.

“No way she’ll leave Joker for (Y/n)” Another clown replied. “I heard he’s already married.”

“What are you babbling about, you bozos! Get to work!” Harley bubbly yells at the clowns who grouped together to have a chat.

Out of nowhere, Batman swooped down onto city hall drop kicking two of Joker’s henchman on the floor.

“Oh Batsy!” Harley laughed. “Is sword lady here for (Y/n)? Well don’t bother. He’s my baby puddin’ “

“Batman!” Katana hissed. “Harley’s MINE” effortlessly swished her sword at Harley’s neck. (Y/n) charged in with his released sword in front of Harley blocking the attack for her.

‘“Mother, leave this to me” (Y/n) said, using his arm to push her back. Still in his fox mode. “I'll deal with this.”

“(Y/n)! No! If you leave” Harley flattened her lips to indicate that she was disappointed, putting her hand around his head and approached him  “Sword lady will take you from me.”

“I can’t let that happen mother, Can I?” (Y/n) laughed, then turned to Katana with Harley. “We’ll just have to get rid of the pests then, won’t we”

(Y/n) charged in with his sword at Katana with immense strength and stamina. Katana barely blocks him from the side, slashing a wound on her cheek. She closes in for another powerful slash from her sword then (Y/n) blocks his sword against hers. (Y/n) uses his sword to push Katana into a corner. She did her best to place her palm on her sword to suppress his immense strength.

“You damn Fox!” Katana hissed at (Y/n), kicking him in the stomach.

Katana took the syringe, plunging the needle in his deltoid, pressing the plunger of liquid into his blood.

(Y/n) snarls in pain on his Fox Mode, starting throwing a temper tantrum, breaking everything with his tail, kneeling on one knee whimpering.

“(Y/n)!” Katana quickly rushed over to the whimpering (Y/n) “Are you...YOu?!”

“Hahahahahahahahahaha” (Y/n) quietly laughed, pulling out the needle jammed in the deltoid area. “Do you think that a little needle is gonna stop me?”

(Y/n) grasps the hilt of his sword and turns his waist, slashing his sword at Katana’s face, but she quickly closes in chopping his right hand off, disarming him. “You gonna kill me with that sword too?” (Y/n) laughed.
6 deviations
Chapter 7.2 (Alt)

Last chapter the Katana and Batgirl started to prepare to save (Y/n)  from Joker and Harley.

However, the Katana and Batgirl finds out in this chapter that (Y/n)'s condition wasn't what Katana expected.

“Batgirl” Katana replied and looked over to Batgirl, looking concerned for (Y/n)  “If you can reverse (Y/n)’s condition I’ll have Joker and Harley’s head on a plate.”

Batgirl guiltily looked away, trying to avoid Katana’s eye contact. “A good friend of mine Tim Drake also shared the same fate as (Y/n), I remember his creepy laughing voice when he woke up from that stone cold table at Joker’s lair. Fortunately we were able to reverse the effects of the Joker serum on Tim with Batman’s help, but it’s still plaguing him ever since. However, I don’t know about (Y/n) condition.”

Katana happily stormed over to Batgirl, grasping her palms on Batgirl’s shoulders and looked into her eyes. “So, there might be a way?”

“There might be. But Batman’s not gonna like this after what happened to Tim.” Batgirl replied, holding up a sample of the chemicals in a non-reactive container, then quickly places it into a compartment of her tactical belt.

“Dear, did you hear?” Katana held up her sword in the air, speaking to it. “There’s a way to save (Y/n)! And did you see the way Harley was all over (Y/n)”

“What?! I’m jealous?” Katana laughed at her sword.

Batgirl glances behind her where Katana is and tried to get her attention. “We’ve taking my car. But first we should take your twins to a safer place”

After taking Tatsu’s twin boys to a safe location, Batgirl takes Katana towards the Batcave secluded under Wayne Manor in the batmobile. A black weaponised vehicle belong to Batman, who trusted Batgirl enough to drive on her own. Once they arrived at the Batcave, Batgirl and Katana stepped out of the vehicle.

“Where is this place?” Katana looked around and her eyes widened, surprised at how secluded and well built the cave was.

“Batgirl, I thought I said no drop-in guests at the Batcave” A deep raspy manly voice echoed in the batcave.

“What?” Katana pulled her sword out, looking around the pitch black bat cave trying to find the mysterious voice. Katana swiftly turned around when a tall burly man in a black kevlar bat suit greeted her, with the only flesh revealed was his mouth.

“Batman!” Katana exclaimed. “So this is the batcave.” looking around.

Batgirl pulled the test tube of Ace Chemicals liquid from her utility belt and held it towards Batman’s direction. “Batman, Katana needs our help. Joker and Harley kicked (Y/n) into the vaults at A.C.E Chemicals making him turn into Joker Jr.”

“They What!” Batman angrily grabbed Batgirl’s shoulders, and tightened his grip. “(Y/n) is now Joker. Jr” Batman dazed out and almost fell backwards with the flashing images of Tim as Joker Jr.

“Joker was a criminal once know as Red Hood. On the night he turned into Joker, Red Hood and his gang were cooking up certain toxic chemical cocktail. It was a certain radioactive flesh eating poison. He fell into his own pool of creation when I chased him inside A.C.E Chemicals.”

Batgirl grabbed Batman’s gloved hand, as Batman started at her hand she shoved a small chemical container holding white liquid in Batman’s hand. “If you’re right, the chemical in this container is that flesh eating poison. Are you able to create an antidote with this?”

“I’ll try” Batman took the chemical liquid and jammed it into a slot in his bat computer, running an chemical compound analysis on the liquid. The computer started to mix and match the chemical structures in the liquid. A loading bar below filled up, 10%....30%.............40%........................100%.

Meanwhile….Gotham City Hall

“Ladies and Gentlemen! Tonight we honor a new addition to our family! My Harley and I present to you the new clown prince of crime Joker Jr.” Joker and Harley stood at the either side of (Y/n) holding his hands. He was wearing a gold tuxedo over a white shirt and black tie.

“All bow before the new prince!” Joker announced, giving death stares at his henchman. All of his henchman went down on one knee and bowed down.

“And don’t you all think about hurting my baby puddin’ “ Harley shoved his head on her chest, snuggling him as a mother would. “Baby puddin’ s MINE. Ya hear me?”

“Don’t worry Mother” (Y/n) looked over at Harley smiling, then his eyes suddenly narrowed. “If they hurt you, I’ll make them pay.”

“Oh my sweet baby Puddin’ “ Harley sweetly rubbed her cheeks on his. “Don’t worry I won’t let anyone take you from me.”

Cutting back to the Batcave.

Once the bat comp reached 100% analysis, the computer spewed a series of chemical jargon unbeknown to Katana.

“I believe we just made an antidote.” Batman smirked. “However, If we going up against (Y/n) in his fox spirit form we need to be quick to close in body contact or else we’ll lose the chance.”

Katana raised her hand. “I’ll be to one of inject him, he’s still my husband after all.”

“Thanks Katana.” Batman replied. “You were of great assistance to the outsiders.”

Batman’s radio frequency picked up police radio signals “All unit report in, we have a Joker problem down a City Hall.”

“Copy that dispatch, we’re on our way.”

“Joker’s at City Hall” Batman signaled Katana and Batgirl to follow him to a batmobile.

Batgirl and Batman (carrying Katana) swooped down on a tall building nearby. GCPD helicopters shining their headlights down at the Joker, Harley and (Y/n). “Give up Joker, we have you surrounded.” One the GCPD officers announced through the loudspeaker.

“What do they want with us, mother?” (Y/n) looked innocently at Harley.

“They want to take you from me, baby puddin’ ” Harley replied.

“Is that so…” (Y/n) pulled out his sword revealing his fox spirit form, leaping to one of the GCPD helicopters slashed it with his sword giving the heli pilots a psychotic grin before making it explode in mid-air badly burning (Y/n) but the burned wounds healed quickly as they formed.

“(Y/n)!” Katana tried to reach for (Y/n). “No! What did they do to you?”

“He’s not (Y/n) anymore Katana” Batgirl grasps Katana’s shoulder.
Katana X Male Reader - Blackest Night Pt.7.2 (Alt)
Batgirl and Katana found (Y/n) at Gotham City Hall with Joker and Harley but the condition they found him in wasn't what Katana expected or had in mind. 
Chapter 7: Alternative Storyline.

Alternative Storyline where (Y/n) turns into the new crown prince of Crime.

The bubbles on the surface of the chemical vault which indicated (Y/n) was struggling for air stopped. Harley who rested her bat on her shoulder started to impatiently tap it against her shoulder while walking along the access platform on top of the vaults.

“What are you waiting for you Bozos!” Harley scoffed at Joker’s henchman. “Release the emergency switch. NOW!”

“Yes! Harley!” The joker’s henchman all quickly obeyed.

Joker started at the chemical vaults with harley with a wide sadistic teeth showing grin across his face.

“Awwww, Puddin...I cant wait to be a mom to my Joker baby” Harley hugged Joker over the shoulders.


A few seconds after all chemicals were cleared, Harley and Joker could clearly see (Y/n) at the bottom of the vault unconscious, his motionless body covered in white chemical goo. Moreover, his once black hair had turned permanently green and his peach coloured skin turned chalk white.

“HAHAHAHAHAHAH” (Y/n) weakly laughed with the sound muffled by the chemical liquid lodged in his throat, then coughed it out spatting the liquid on the floor.

“My baby puddin’ !” Harley rushed towards (Y/n) through an emergency door to the vault interior pulling him out and happily rubbed her cheek against his, cradling him in her arms. “Don’t worry Puddin’ mommy’s here.”

“Harley, Where are you?” Katana shouted when she entered Ace Chemicals, but stopped when she saw Harley baby cradling a man’s uniform she recognised which made her heart stop. She thought (Y/n) was cheating on her, but when she approached closer towards the back of Harley and (Y/n), she noticed (Y/n) was covered with white goo chemicals, his black hair had turned green and his skin bleached chalk white.

“(Y/n)!” Katana was shocked “Harley! What have you done?!”

Harley raised her head and started at Katana. “Oh hey sword lady!”

(Y/n) woke up and weakly stood up on the ground and walked towards Tatsu and stopped in front of her poking his index fingers at the corner of her lips. “No need to be so stoned love.” (Y/n) then moved his fingers as if he was carving outward to the corner of her cheeks. “Now let’s see that smile on your face”

“(Y/n) No!” Tatsu dropped her sword, scared shaking her head and started slowly walking backwards as she was scared of him. But she held her sword against his neck but fails to complete her task. She didn’t want to kill her own husband die again “Harley bring my (Y/n) back!”


“I just had some fun with Baby Puddin, right Puddin’ “ She looked up and started at the joker with beady eyes, stroking (Y/n)’s green hair.

“You not getting him and Harley calls the final shots” The joker happily danced around. “Weeeeeeeee…...we can finally be a happy family!”

Harley grabs (Y/n)’s hand and pulls him along the joker into a car then left the scene.


Scene back to ACE Chemicals

“Katana” Barbara said, pulling out her batcomputer and punching in some numbers. “We need to save (Y/n) from Joker and Harley”
Katana X Male Reader - Blackest Night Pt.7 (Alt)
This is an alternative storyline to my Katana X Male Reader, it discusses what would have happened if our reader had been created into the new crowned prince of crime. Joker Jr. 
Chapter 7: Things never change.

(Y/n)’s Backstory Origins-(Y/n) is 6 years of age, Japan.

“Dad!” (D/n) shoved (Y/n) behind him  protecting him from dozens of assassins who were sent to kill (D/n) to retrieve the sword Muramasa, which was in the hands of (Y/n).

It was said that Muramasa was forged and used by one of (D/n)’s ancestors for exorcising demons. However after exorcising a powerful a fox demon, it latched itself on the sword often possessing its wielder.

“(D/n)! Give me the Katana” The assassin reached out his hand and started to count to 10.

“(Y/n)! I want you to take mom and get away from here as far as possible.” (D/n) kneeled down to his son’s level and whispered in his ear.

“No! Dad! I’m not leaving you” (Y/n) cried shaking his head and rubbing his (E/c) eyes. “A samurai is meant to protect people”

(Y/n) unsheathes the sword along with the paper seal on the sword releasing a black smokey aura around him, his round pupil turned to into slits and his (E/c) iris and eye whites turned golden orange with a tinge of gold.

But instead, the (Y/n) rampages around with the sword effortlessly slashing through the assassins, smearing loads of blood on the white painted walls.

An assassin attacks (Y/n) manages to slash a deep laceration cut on him, but see it starts to regenerate. (Y/n) in his possessed form snarls at the assassin slashing him to pieces.

(Y/n) (possessed by the fox demon) looks over to his dad who was already on the floor from a life threatening wound, a puddle of blood forming around him.

The fox demon releases control over to (Y/n) reverting his eye colour to (E/c) and collapses on the floor from exhaustion.

...In a hospital.

“(Y/n)!” M/n came into to room and tightly hugged her son. “I’m glad you’re safe.”

(Y/n) lightly shoved his mom off. “Dad...He didn’t make it”

A while after, (Y/n) went to live with his mom’s parents in the states. He enlisted himself in the military and practiced his sword techniques until he could bring down the man behind his father’s death.

Back to Ace Chemicals - Current time frame

(Y/n) struggled inside the vat of chemicals to swim up. He unsheathed Muramasa and slashed open the vat revealing his hated possessed form (black smokey aura covered in chemical liquid. Parts of his bleached skin had begin to heal to his original skin colour.

Katana slashed and broke down the entrance door in time to look at (Y/n) possessed for a form a demon, covered in chemical liquid. She noticed his wounds were already healing.

“(Y/n), what happened!” Katana asked.

Batgirl approached Katana, “Joker shoved (Y/n) into the pool of chemical.”

Katana looked up and sure enough it was the Joker with Harley. She tightened her grip on her sword hilt with anger.

“Criminal deserve no justice!” Katana leaped up, slicing her sword towards Joker almost having his head on a plate for pushing her love into a vat of chemicals and almost killing her twin sons.

Behind her (Y/n) appeared squatting on the railings, his golden orange tinged slit eyes glaring at the joker in the dark. His sword touching joker’s neck.

“Didn’t know foxes were that nippy” Joker laughed and jumped away with a parachute.

Katana stared at (Y/n) in his still possessed kitsune form. “I thought you’d never use it”

(Y/n) regained control “I always thought if I never unsheathed this sword and gave them the sword, dad would never have died”

(Y/n) and Katana  jumped towards the ground to where their twins are.

The twins leaped into the arms of their mother and father hugging them tightly.

“I glad your all safe” Katana smiled, first one in years.

“Hey Tatsu! You did you just smile” (Y/n) joked.

Katana looked away all embarrassed and hissed. “No...I wasn’t”

“Ah Things never seem to change” (Y/n) sang.
Katana X Male Reader - Blackest Night Pt.7
This is the final chapter of Katana X Male Reader. Read, Enjoy and Comment.

Katana X Male Reader - Blackest Night Pt.7 Alt - Alternative Storyline where (Y/n) You become Joker Jr.

Please read, fav and comment.


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Tracy Leung
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Hong Kong

~Kill La Kill~ Photo Memories by Kiryuuin Satsuki by Summonssniper

Name: Kiryuurin Raidou (Part of the Kyruuin House)
Occupation: Student
Age: 16
School: Honnoji Gakuen
Family: Satsuki Kyruuin (Older sister), Matoi Ryouko (younger twin sister), Ragyou Kyruuin (Biological Mother), Souichirou Kyruuin (Biological Father).

Species: Semi-Life Fiber inherited from ragyou's genes. He doesnt know.

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Clark Kent, cradling Kara's new born infant (awake) Kon-El in his arms, staring at his blond hair and his baby blue eyes. Krypto sitting there eager to meet a new member of the House of El.

  1. CAPTION:  Metropolis. Kara's Apartment.

  2. CLARK:  Kara...he’s a beautiful boy isn’t he?

  3. CAPTION: Kal-El. Clark Kent. Better known as Superman. Reporter at the Daily Planet.


Pull in a bit and we see Baby Kon-El desperately reaching to touch Clark's face.

     4. KON-EL: Goo.

     5. CLARK: Did you give him a name, Kara?

     6. KARA: I named him Kon...Kon-EL.

     7. CAPTION: Kon-El. Son of Kara Zor-El. Kryptonian-human hybrid born on Earth.


Clark, prying open Kon-El’s tiny hands.



Clark's expression slightly pained. His index finger being tightly gripped by Kon-El's tiny fist

     8.CLARK:  Ouch! You’re a strong one Kon--


Point of character shot as Clark uses his x ray vision to look for fracture damages on his finger.

     9. CAPTION: That hurt--but at least none of my bones were damaged. That little guy was something. He’ll grow up to be very strong indeed.


Clark returns Baby Kon into the arms of his mother, Kara gently as not to wake the baby up.

    10. CAPTION: Kara Zor-El. Supergirl. She’s not exactly the best when it comes to people’s privacy.




Clark digs out the present for baby Kon in his bag but looks rather frustrated.

      1. KARA:  What is it Kal? What’s wrong? Did you lose something?

      2. CLARK: No Kara it’s just that I have a present for Kon but I can’t find it…


Pull out further and we see Lois appearing behind Kal-El showing him what looks like a folded version House of El’s family crest.

         3. LOIS: You aren’t looking at this are you Clark? I told you a hundred times to pack it into the bag before we left today. Were you even listening to me?

         4. CLARK: Oh! thanks Lois you're a life saver.

         5. LOIS: I knew you would forget to pack it so I packed it in mine.

         6. CAPTION: Lois Lane, Fellow journalist with Clark Kent at the Daily Planet and currently the love interest of Superman.



A bit closer of the folded family crest, we can see Kal proudly handing the family crest over to Kara. Krypto in the background frolicking with joy.

         7. CLARK: Alright Krypto calm down boy!--Kara this is for Kon.


Pan in front of Kara. We see Kara surprised but a bit upset when Kon-El is handed the family crest. With her thinking of a flashback to her receiving the crest from her own father, and being knocked out by him right after.

         8. CAPTION (Kara): Thats the house crest. But he’s far too young to inherit any of this.

         9. KARA: Kal, Wait! Don’t you think Kon-El’s a bit too young to be bearing the House Crest? He’s just a baby.

       10. CLARK: I know it’s hard but please let me explain. It’s his fate, Kara. You have to accept it.


Close in onto Kara and Kon, we see Kara closing her eyes and leans her cheek against his forehead.

        11. KARA: Fate has nothing to do with this, It’s my care for him.

        12. CAPTION (Kara): I can't return home to Krypton. I was alway scared and alone. But its different now. I have you, Kon.



Pull back a bit more, we see Kara moving away from Kon's face, just enough to see Lois staring sweetly at Kon-El.


Close in on Kon-El fast asleep in Kara's arms.

              1. LOIS(off panel): Kara look, he's fast asleep!

              2. KARA:  He's probably tired…I'll put him to bed.

              3. LOIS(off panel): Alright Kara, we should leave then. We'll leave you to take care of Kon-El. Go sleep, it’s been a long day.


Kal and Lois leaving Kara's house as she locks the door behind them.

             4. SFX: Clack!


A loud knock on the door with Kara walking towards the door.

             5. SFX: Bang! Bang! Bang!


Kara opens the door and to her surprise is her husband Sean returned home despite being recently shipped to a battlefield, jumping into his arms as she’s about to kiss him.

             6. KARA: Sean! You’re home!        

             7. SEAN: How’s the little one, Kara?

             8. KARA: He’s fine, he fell asleep a moment ago.


Close in on Sean and Kara sharing a passionate kiss

             9. SEAN: Kara, I uh--



Night falls on Kara’s household, very dark with only the slightest street light shining onto the gap of the curtains.

             1. SFX: Tick-Tock-Tick-Tock-Tick-Tock--

             2. CAPTION: Later that night...


Closing in on Kara and Sean’s Room.

             3. KON-EL(off panel): WAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!



Further closing in and we see Kara woken abruptly from Kon-El’s wails.

             4. KON-EL(off panel): WAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!

             5.CAPTION (Kara): What’s happening with Kon…..?


Angle on Kara walking to Kon-El’s room.

            6. KON-EL(off panel): WAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!


Point of character on Kon-El seeing Kara in x-ray vision while she picks him up from his cot.


            8. CAPTION (Kara): When I saw his eyes.I knew what was going on. The effects of the yellow sun. The same powers of a World Killer.

            9.KARA: Kon’s developed such strong powers at such a young age, he’s only been exposed to the yellow sun’s radiation for a few hours...and yet he’s already developed powers.

           10. KARA: He’s getting really irritated...I should take him to see Kal tomorrow.

Thank you for reading my comic script, if you have any critiques over this script please show your support by commenting and look forward to the next short issue. 


Red Whiskered Bulbul - Bird Species
Red Whiskered Bulbul-Birds of Hong Kong by Summonssniper
Please help comission this lovely bird from Hong Kong
Kill La Kill ~ OC Kiryuuin Raidou
Kiryuuin Raidou X Nonon Jakuzure ~Kill la Kill ~ by Summonssniper

Second Version Coming (Please Do not buy until I have released the comission ammendment) I will ammendment. If you wish for me to upload this on deviantart as a normal artwork, you may message me on my profile page

Claymore Xmas-Miria and Hilda by Summonssniper Rin Okumura ~AO NO EXORCIST~ by Summonssniper Fairy Tail Xmas Card ~ Erza and Lyte~ by Summonssniper TetsuyaKuroko 11 and 2 by Summonssniper Gargantia ~Ledo~ by Summonssniper Jill and the BSAA Badge by Summonssniper Kiba by Summonssniper 
Free Requests-I've placed some of them into commissions
Request 2.1: Finalised Erudi Drawing by Summonssniper
Request 1: May glomping on a beachball by Summonssniper
Request 1: May Glomping a Beach Ball by Summonssniper
Here was some of my requested drawings. You could buy them here if you'd like when you like them very much. Your drawings are still free. These are just if you wanna buy some extra. 
KurokoXMonoi GLOMP!!!!!! by Summonssniper
Nai Wallpaper by Summonssniper
Gargantia ~Ledo~ by Summonssniper
Grimmichi ~Bleach Fan Art Yaoi~ by Summonssniper
Ace no Diamond ~Sawamura~ Wallpaper by Summonssniper
NaruSasu~Fan Art Chibi Forms by Summonssniper
A BUNCH of Great Art goes well together. Please help commission XD

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thank you
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Thank you so much for the watch! Your support means the world to me ♥ 
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